Add-ons For Camino

To install an add-on: download it, unzip it, place the unzipped folder (the entire folder, not just the bundle and the “Info” file) in /Library/InputManagers (creating that folder if necessary), then restart Camino. On 10.5+ you must ensure that the entire folder and everything inside it is owned by root:admin and writable only by root. If you aren't sure what that means, see these instructions.

These add-ons may be used freely, but may not be redistributed in any form. Comments and bug reports should be sent to Note: if your issue is that the add-on does not seem to be working at all after you install it, read the bold sentence above before emailing—incorrect permissions are invariably the problem.

Important: These add-ons are hacks, and are not in any way supported by Camino. Using any of them could cause anything from minor problems to crashes and complete inability to launch. If you are running Camino with add-ons installed, you are no longer using an official Camino build. If you encounter a problem with Camino, remove all hacks as a first step.

Do not file Camino bugs about, email Camino feedback about, or blame Camino developers for, problems you encounter while using them.


ChimericalConsole adds a console window showing the most recent JavaScript and CSS errors, and allows filtering by a specific word or phrase. The console is accessible from the “Show Error Console” menu item that is added to the View menu.

Download ChimericalConsole 0.9 (Released 1/14/08)


FireTabs alters Camino's tab behavior to more closely match Firefox: Command-1 through Command-9 will switch tabs rather than opening bookmarks from the bookmark bar, and middle-clicking a tab will close it.

Download FireTabs 0.7 (Released 12/20/07)


AsceticBar gives Camino's bookmark bar a Safari-like appearance, with folder and tab group markers instead of favicons.

Download AsceticBar 0.6 (Released 3/22/08)